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 Shandong Yuhuang Chemical (Group) Co., Ltd.(SYCC), was  founded in 1986 and is located in Heze City, Shandong Province, which is the homeland of peony. Now it is a national innovative pilot enterprise with a fixed assets of 32 billion yuan, a total area of 22 million m2, more than 5,600 employees including 560 senior and medium-level technicians. SYCC has 13 subsidiaries including Shandong Yuhuang Chemical Co., Ltd., HuaYu Rubber Limited Liability Company, Heze Yuhuang Chemical Co., Ltd., Shandong Yuhuang Shengshi Chemical Co., Ltd., Heze Huachang Mechanism Technology Co., Ltd. Etc.. It also has branches in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Hubei, Henan, Rizhao of China and has registered a new company in the U.S.A.. 
 In the year of 2012, SYCC’s sales income reached 22.495 billion yuan and total tax reached 1.8 billion yuan. In 2013, the company ranked the 456th in China’s Top 500 Enterprises and the 25th in China's Top 500 Chemical Enterprise. With the authorization of State Ministry of Personnel, SYCC founded its postdoctoral scientific research workstation in Aug. 2013.
 SYCC’s main products include: gasoline, diesel, MTBE, DME, isobutylene, styrene, polystyrene, polypropylene, propylene, propane, isobutane and butadiene, polybutadiene rubber, rare earth butadiene rubber, fine C5, isoprene alkenyl, piperylene, dicyclopentadiene, bicyclo resins, piperylene resins, petroleum resins, benzene, ethylbenzene, toluene, xylene, polyisobutylene, ethylene oxide, naphtha, petroleum coke, sulfur, civil LPG, etc..
 SYCC invested 240 million yuan to cooperate respectively with Changchun Institute of Applied Chemistry of China Academy of Sciences and Dalian Institute of chemcal and physics of China Academy of Sciences and jointly established R&D centers of polyolefin and new chemical technology and built the unique kiloton rare earth butadiene rubber and diesel fuel additives pilot plant in China. SYCC also cooperated with more than ten universities and large institutions such as Tsinghua University, Harbin Institute of Technology, Beijing University of Chemical Technology and gathered more than 300 high-tech research staffs together, which brings vitality to the R&D centers and help SYCC develop in the way combining"Production, University and Research" together. SYCC was rewarded as the honorary title of Outstanding Contribution Enterprise in combination of “Production, University and Research” in Shandong Province, Intellectual Property Pilot Enterprise in Shandong Province, High-tech Enterprise in Shandong Province. SYCC also made significant technological breakthroughs in C5 deep-processing, polyolefin research, macromolecule polymer, alkane dehydrogenation, diesel fuel additives, lithium, etc.. SYCC undertook and implemented 2 items of the National Torch Plan, 2 Technology Transfers of Provincial Major Scientific and Technological Achievements and won 9 Provincial Science and Technology Achievement Appraisals, 31 invention patents and 1 utility model patent.
 With “establishing a hundred-year-long brand, pursuing to be a first class enterprise” as the development goal,“morality, talent, responsibility, pragmatic, innovation” as the enterprise spirit, “take people as the foremost, contribute to society, fully develop staffs’ potential abilities, realize their values in full scale, and make our staffs, enterprise and society mutually improved.” as the operation principle, SYCC gradually forms its own enterprise culture in which innovation and technology is the core.
 Mr. Wang Jinshu, Party Secretary and Chairman of SYCC, has been named China's outstanding entrepreneur, national model worker, outstanding party member etc.. He has been elected as the representative of Party's 18th delegates and 12th session of the National People's Congress. He personally donated 520 million yuan to build a Yuhuang New Village for the villagers, which covers a total area of 620 mu and building area of 200,000 square meters. This village becomes a model in new rural development . Mr. Wang was met by President Xi Jinping for several times and his deeds are highly spoken in China.
 In the future, SYCC will continue to adhere to the "petrochemical and fine chemical" as the direction of development, technological innovation as the primary developing force, creating of a resource-saving and environment-friendly enterprises as the goal, increase investment and accelerate development speed, and strive to realize the goal of over 80 billion yuan’s sales income and 8 billion yuan’s profits and taxes in the year of 2016 and become a famous multinational group. SYCC will continuously do its best to make contribution to local economic development.
 Wang Jinshu, Chairman of the Board and Wang Shengwei, General Manager, together with all the staff, would like to extend warm welcome to you for visit and guidance for common development and brilliance!

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