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Shandong Shengrong Chemical Co., Ltd. Briefing
  Shandong Shengrong Chemical Co., Ltd. is located in the South Industrial Park of Dongming County. It covers an area of ​​1,350 mu and has fixed assets of 3.6 billion yuan. It mainly uses liquefied gas to produce MTBE products.
  Since its establishment, the company has invested in 1.2 million tons/year raw material pretreatment, 300,000 tons/year isobutane dehydrogenation, 600,000 tons/year MTBE, and 450,000 tons/year butene isomerization in 30 phases. The main production facilities such as 10,000 tons/year of alkene separation and 200,000 tons/year of n-butane isomerization, as well as supporting public works and auxiliary facilities, currently produce high-purity MTBE products mainly from liquefied gas and methanol. The annual production capacity is 600,000 tons.
  The third phase of the company is a 200,000 t/y MMA and PMMA project in cooperation with Shanghai Huayi Group. With a total investment of 3 billion yuan, the project will make full use of the isobutylene-rich dehydrogenated carbon four resources produced by the company's first-stage plant to carry out carbon four-deep processing to produce MMA and PMMA products, thereby further accelerating product structure adjustment and realizing industrial upgrading. The first phase of the 50,000 tons/year MMA project invested 780 million yuan. On February 4, 2016, the project completed all the preliminary work of environmental impact assessment, safety assessment, health assessment, energy assessment and project filing. At present, the project is progressing as planned and is expected to be completed and put into operation at the end of September 2017.
  The fourth phase of the company is a chemical transformation and upgrading project with a total investment of 4.6 billion yuan. The project is a transformation and upgrading project of the refinery industry of Yuhuang Group. The oils such as wax oil, heavy diesel oil and naphtha produced by Jade Emperor Shengshi Company are used as raw materials. Production of important chemical raw materials such as ethylene, propylene and aromatics to realize the transformation from refining to organic chemical industry. The project mainly includes 1.5 million tons / year hydrocracking, 1 million tons / year continuous reforming unit, 800,000 tons / year aromatics separation unit and ethylene cracking and other major production equipment, and flexible adjustment of production plans according to market conditions. To enhance the comprehensive competitiveness of enterprises. At present, the project is in the process of design and preliminary procedures.
  After the company's projects are completed and put into production, the low value-added C4 components such as isobutane and isobutylene in liquefied gas will be converted into high value-added products such as MTBE, propylene, ethylene, aromatics and PMMA, thereby further extending the company's industrial chain and optimizing products. The structure can realize annual income of 24.8 billion yuan in main business and 2.6 billion yuan in profits and taxes. It not only brings high economic benefits to enterprises, but also stimulates local economic development. It can also create a large number of jobs, thus promoting local social economy. Good and fast development.
  Company Tel: +86-0530-7319555
  Company Address: North of Weiwu Road, South Industrial Park, Dongming County

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