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Petroleum resin

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Road marking paint


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1 road marking paint
The pentane petroleum resin produced by our company is a petroleum resin suitable for heat capacity type road marking paint. It enhances the toughness, hardness and adhesion of the coating, and forms a smooth lacquer finish. By adding auxiliaries, the resin is always in a stable state in the four seasons and has good miscibility with rosin-based resins. In the high-grade paint compounding, the paint film can be made to be resistant to water, ultraviolet rays and chemicals, and the brightness and dryness of the paint are obviously improved.
The road marking paint made of pecan petroleum resin has the following outstanding characteristics:
Light color; good fluidity; high wear resistance; uniform dispersion of filler, no sedimentation
Strong weather resistance; fast drying speed; strong anti-fouling
2 adhesive
In the adhesives and sealants industry, C5 petroleum resins have played an important role as tackifying resins. The most used ones are hot melt adhesives and pressure sensitive adhesives. The interpentyl petroleum resin produced by our company is a petroleum resin suitable for hot melt adhesives and pressure sensitive adhesives. They are compatible with styrene polymers such as SIS, SBS, SEBS, SEPS, natural rubber, synthetic rubber and EVA, and are compatible with natural tackifying resins (terpene, rosin and their derivatives). It is also good to improve the performance of the adhesive to varying degrees. In recent years, C5 petroleum resin has begun to be characterized by high peeling bond strength, fast fast tack, stable bonding properties, moderate melt viscosity, good heat resistance, good compatibility with polymer matrix, and low price. Gradually replace the natural resin tackifier (rosin and terpene resin) and occupy a prominent position.
Characteristics of m-pecan petroleum resin in hot melt adhesive:
Good fluidity, can improve the wettability of the host material
Good adhesion and outstanding initial tack properties
Excellent aging resistance
  Light color
Transparent, low odor, low volatiles
In hot melt adhesives, the PRS?-A series can be used alone as a tackifying resin, or it can be mixed with other tackifying resins to improve certain properties of the hot melt adhesive.
3 tire rubber
The inter-pentyl petroleum resin produced by our company is an aliphatic petroleum resin widely used in tire rubber mixing. It has good compatibility with natural rubber (NR), synthetic rubber, polyethylene, SIS, SEBS, EVA, etc. It is also compatible with natural tackifying resins such as terpenes, rosins and their derivatives. In rubber mixing, it can be used as a tackifier, a reinforcing agent, a softener, a filler, and the like.
Characteristics in rubber mixing
Excellent adhesion
It can soften and reinforce during processing, improve stretch and peel resistance
Significantly improve the adhesion, but does not affect the curing time and physical properties after vulcanization
Avoid adhesion to processing machinery
Help the filler material to be evenly distributed
Moderate color depth
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