August 2019

As of the end of August, Yuhuang Chemical Group ranked the 417th in "Top 500 Chinese Enterprises" listed by China Enterprise Confederation and China Entrepreneur Association; ranked the 33rd in 2019 "Top 500 China Petroleum and Chemical Enterprises ",  Ranked the 198th out of “Top 500 Chinese Manufacturing Companies in 2019”; ranked the 190th  among “Top 500 Chinese Private Enterprises in 2019”.

American time

August 22, 2018

Yuhuang Chemical Industries Inc., an overseas subsidiary of Shandong Yuhuang Chemical Group Co., Ltd., and Koch Methanol Investments, LLC signed a cooperation agreement in Houston, USA. Koch Methanol Investments, LLC indirectly holds a 40% stake in YCI Methanol One (LLC), and the two parties jointly funded the construction of a 1.8 million tons/year natural gas to methanol project.

August 2018

Yuhuang Chemical Group ranked the 398th in the list of “2018 Top 500 Chinese Enterprises” issued by China Enterprise Confederation and China Entrepreneur Association; ranked the 35th in “Top 500 Chinese Petroleum and Chemical Enterprises” in 2018; ranked the 191th in China's top 500 manufacturing companies , and ranked the 171th in China top 500 private enterprises.

July 15, 2018

Deputy Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee of Heze City, Mayor ChenPing visit Yuhuang Group and Yuhuang New Energy Technology to do research and inspection. 

February 2018

Chairman Wang Jinshu was elected as deputy of the 13th National People's Congress.

July 18, 2017

Wang Jinshu, Chairman of Yuhuang Group, participated in the 2017 China-U Comprehensive Economic Dialogue held in Washington.


Yuhuang Group Academician Workstation was set up; Wang Jinshu, Chairman of Yuhuang Group, attended the G20 Business Summit held in Hangzhou.

September 2015

Chairman of the company, Wang Jinshu, visited the United States with President Xi Jinping and attended the China-US CEO Round-table Conference held in Seattle as one of the representatives of Chinese entrepreneurs. On the morning of September 18 of local time, Yuhuang Chemical Inc. Held the ground-breaking ceremony for its 1.8 million tons/year natural gas to methanol plant in the State of Louisiana. 


Shandong Yuhuang New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. was registered in Heze Development Zone; In March, the party committee of the group company convened the party's mass line education practice implementation meeting; in May, Shengrong Chemical's 300,000 tons/year isobutane dehydrogenation project in Dongming Chemical Industrial Park, with a total investment of 1.5 billion yuan, adopted American ABB.Lummus ( Lums) company's CATOFIN isobutane dehydrogenation patent technology production process, has a successful commissioning test.


In February, Chairman Wang Jinshu was elected as deputy of the 12th National People's Congress; In February, the company established a wholly-owned subsidiary, Yuhuang Chemical Inc., in Houston, USA; in April, Dongming Yuhuang 100,000 tons/year butadiene plant was successfully commissioned; on August 31, the company was first selected as one of the top 500 Chinese enterprises, jointly selected by the China Enterprise Confederation and China Entrepreneur Association, ranking the 456th place; on the afternoon of December 6, Heze City Postdoctoral Research Station was established;


In June, Chairman Wang Jinshu was elected as representative of the party’s 18th National Congress; construction of a 1.6 million tons/year delayed coking plant and 600,000 tons/year gasoline and diesel hydrogenation plant started.


Huayu Rubber Co., Ltd. was established in August. In September, 80,000 tons/year rare earth butadiene rubber equipment was completed and put into production; In November, the project department of Yuhuang Chemical in South Dongming Industrial Park was established.; In December, the inaugural meeting of the group company was held.


In February, 80,000 tons/year butadiene rubber plant was successfully started up; In April, Wang Jinshu, chairman of the board of directors, was awarded “National Model Worker”; In May, the construction of Yuhuang New Village was officially started; In June, Shandong Shengshi Chemical was successfully acquired, and Shandong Yuhuang Shengshi Chemical Co., Ltd. was established; The company set up a party committee, and on September 20, held a general meeting of all party members, elected a committee composed of 9 people, and under the jurisdiction of 3 branches, under the jurisdiction of Wushengqiao Town Party Committee.


In August, 200,000 tons/year C4  Cracking for Olefins plant was successfully

started up.


The construction of 400,000 tons/year dimethyl ether plant and 200,000 tons/year MTBE plant have been started; The benzene hydrogenation unit has been successfully started up; In November, the “Loyalty, Responsibility, Contribution” learning activities were carried out to unify the employees' ideas and promote enterprise development; was rated as "Enterprise with Harmonious Labor Relations in Shandong Province" by Provincial Labour Union.


Set up Shandong C5 Engineering Technology Research Center; found Shandon Heze Yuhuang Chemical Co., Ltd.; passed the quality, environment and safety occupational health "three in one" system and clean production certification.


Founded Dongming Yuhuang Jinyu Chemical Co., Ltd., launched a 50,000 tons/year dimethyl ether project; a 750,000-ton boiler project; established a provincial technology center; "Yuhuang Chemical Newspaper started its publication" in April.


On April 16th, the 100,000 tons/year C5 deep processing plant was put into operation, and the performance of the polymerized grade isoprene reached the national standard; the products such as dicyclopentadiene, isoprene, and piperylene passed smoothly. ISO9000 international quality management system certification. The company was named "the most growing small and medium-sized enterprises in Shandong Province".


According to the “breaking through Heze” strategy proposed by the provincial party committee and the provincial government, and the opportunity of national development in large-scale ethylene, the company makes a decisive decision to launch a 100,000 tons/year C5 deep processing plant, and was awarded the title of “high-tech enterprise” by the Shandong Provincial Department of Science and Technology.


In November, an investment of 8 million yuan was put into the construction  of a 20,000 tons/year C5 deep processing plant;  shareholding system reform;  change company name to “Shandong Yuhuang Chemical Co., Ltd.”


Overall acquisition of Huahai Company; Establishment of Shandong Wusheng Natural Gas Co., Ltd.; construction of a set of 40,000 tons/year gas separation plant and a set of 10,000 tons/year MTBE plant; took the road of scale expansion


Since 1999, the company has invested more than 10 million yuan in research and development, and independently developed and produced new C5 deep processing products, such as isoprene, piperylene and dicyclopentadiene. 


Invest and construct 20,000 tons/year liquid wax refining plant and 20,000 tons/year liquid wax cutting plant.


Change company name to Dongming Yuhuang Industrial Co., Ltd.


Set up Dongming County Welfare Chemical Factory

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