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Enterprise Goal

Set up a century-old store to create a first-class enterprise

Corporate Values

Create wealth for the country, create happiness for employees, create harmony for society

Enterprise Spirit

Enterprise Spirit

Worshiping virtue, focusing on talents, dedication, pragmatism and innovation

Code of Conduct

Speak of loyalty, responsibility and contribution

Security Concept

Safety First Prevention

Environmental Concept

Building Green Jade Emperor Building Environmental Protection Chemical

Business philosophy

people-oriented, contributing to society, fully tap the potential of employees, realize their own value, and seek common progress of employees, enterprises and society.

Management philosophy

The basic policy of all business activities: high technology, specialization, collectivization and internationalization.

Talent Idea

Talent Concept

People-oriented, respect talents, have both ability and political integrity, and strive to create a good atmosphere of creating talents, absorbing talents, respecting talents, and caring for talents

Jade Emperor Standard

Basic Level Standard

Learning to Improve Unity and Dedication

Middle Level Standard

Scientific Organization Harmonious and Efficient

High Level Standard

Grateful Employees Create Happiness