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Shengrong chemical workers fight for time to repair

Recently, the outlet pressure of the compressor section of Shengrong Chemical's isobutane dehydrogenation unit reached a high limit, and the four-stage outlet failed to reach the working pressure, resulting in a limited production load of isobutane dehydrogenation, which seriously affected the MTBE production. After discussion and analysis by the company's leaders and group leaders, the failure of the product compressor body was ruled out, and it was concluded that the filter of the 4-stage suction port of the product compressor was blocked. After applying for parking to the group's general dispatch, the isobutylene unit entered the parking program at 16:00 on November 9, and after four hours of system nitrogen replacement, the safety requirements were met after testing. The company's leaders, production and dispatching department, asset management department and chemical industry management staff rushed to the scene to carry out repair and coordination. Through the intense and orderly repair, disassembly, cleaning, transformation, and reloading, the whole process takes less than one hour, and then the isobutane dehydrogenation unit enters the driving process again.


At present, the isobutane dehydrogenation unit has reached the maximum load production, and the upstream and downstream units are balanced to ensure the maximum profit of the company's production and operation. (Shengrong Chemical Production and Dispatching Office Wu Chunhao)