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Dongming Yuhuang Conducts comprehensive emergency drills

In order to test our company's ability to respond to emergency accidents of dangerous chemicals, on the morning of November 9th, 2019, the fire department of Dongming Jade Emperor Anhuan organized the recycling unit of rubber in the rubber department to carry out the leakage of dangerous chemicals. Accident comprehensive emergency rescue drill.


At 8:30, the rubber department of the rubber department, Chen Dandan, found that the leak alarm had an abnormal alarm, and immediately notified the position of the external staff Wan Beitai to the site to confirm the leak. Then, escalated step by step, an emergency call came from the intercom, and suddenly, the Dongming Jade Emperor's comprehensive fire drill activity officially kicked off.


I saw that a fire truck had a siren, and the combatants were wearing combat suits. All of them were devoted to intense rescue. The fire hose is unfolding everywhere, like a water dragon, the water curtain is diluted, and the water snake is cooled. With the cooperation of firefighters, the emergency maintenance team is responsible for the emergency repair and disposal of the site leakage. The curtain group performs real-time detection of the toxic gas concentration of the leak source, and the environmental inspection team detects the spread of the surrounding leakage. Jobs, each doing their part, being methodical, busy and not chaotic. In accordance with the fire plan exercise program in an orderly manner...


After the exercise, the assistant to the president of the group, Bo Mutao and the general manager of the company, Chen Zheng, spoke highly of the exercise and praised the efforts of the participating participants and put forward many guiding suggestions. Wang Baoen, deputy general manager of the Group's safety and environmental protection department, Li Hongtao, vice president of the company's Anhuan, and Cheng Haofei, the manager, participated in the on-site command.


Through this comprehensive drill, it is possible to further clarify the emergency rescue responsibilities undertaken by various departments, improve the emergency response procedures, improve the self-rescue capabilities of employees, and organize, coordinate, and command the on-site management, and be busy and not chaotic in critical situations. Each of them took responsibility and took the place to quickly carry out the rescue work, and improved the emergency response capability of our company as a whole. (An Huan Department Cui Zhonghua)