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The project transformation is inspiring and eager to try

At present, the transformation of the Dongming Yuhuang olefins hydrogenated naphtha aromatization device project is under intense and orderly progress. The transformation of this project has been highly valued by the group leaders.
On the morning of October 10, Chen Shuangxi, vice president of the group, Chen Zheng, general manager of Dongming Yuhuang, and Zhang Yuanyuan, deputy chief engineer, walked into the installation area on foot and went deep into the first stage of the technical transformation project to conduct on-the-spot inspections. He listened to the detailed introduction of Xing Yandong, manager of the olefins department. Fully understand the current progress of the project and the actual problems, and propose that it is necessary to step up the progress of the project's technical transformation, to clearly define the objectives, to link up and down, and to successfully complete the technical transformation of the project with high quality and high efficiency.
The hydrogenated naphtha aromatization device is a successful example of a project conversion and old device revitalization. Just last year, after more than three months of transformation, the project was successfully driven at one time, and the device was running at full capacity for nearly three months, achieving remarkable results. The focus of this transformation work is to optimize again on this basis. This technical change not only facilitates the operation, but also maximizes the profit of the device by reducing the loss of energy consumption of the device.
After learning about the recent construction plan of the aromatization device, the workers in the workshop were all excited and excited, and they all tried to prepare for another job. (Olefin Department, Ren Yuankai)