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Heze Yuhuang workers are working hard to repair production

In order to increase the reactor bed temperature, increase the catalyst conversion rate, reduce the ethylene content of the reactor outlet, replace the heat exchanger tube bundle, thereby improve product quality, ensure low energy consumption, more stable and high efficiency operation of the device, approved by the leadership, October 31 The second phase of styrene ethylbenzene unit was repaired.


According to the leadership requirements, styrene, three repairs, safety and other majors should do a repair plan in advance, list the repaired items, contact the construction team in time, count and report the construction materials, and cooperate through the cooperation of various departments to prepare for the repair work in the early stage. Fully prepared. After the ethylbenzene unit was shut down, the relevant personnel quickly entered the scene to start the repair work. The guardian supervised the standardization of the on-site construction and urged the construction team to operate in strict accordance with the construction plan. Each professional administrator strictly checks the quality of each repair item. After the daily construction is completed, the daily workload and tomorrow's work plan are recorded in detail. At the same time, the problems and problems that need to be coordinated are communicated with the construction team in real time to ensure various items. Work is in place. The on-site construction acceptance form shall be formulated and signed by the construction team and various professionals to fully mobilize the enthusiasm and responsibility of the relevant personnel to ensure the effective implementation of the various instructions. During the construction process, it is forbidden to add items at will, make full use of existing materials, strictly control the cost of repairs, and eliminate waste.


The division of labor is clear, and under the premise of ensuring the quality of on-site construction, we will race against time, work overtime, and be afraid of hard work to ensure the construction progress. In order to solve the problem of overtime workers' food, the comprehensive office provides meal tickets and implements the logistics support work. The leaders in charge of each profession are in-depth on-site, check the construction quality, supervise the construction progress, guide the on-site construction work, and escort the repair work.


With the cooperation of various departments of the company, the styrene and ethylbenzene repair work was successfully completed, and the device began to feed on November 4 to resume production. This repair work fully reflects the team spirit of Heze Jade Emperor. The relevant personnel have fully exerted the characteristics of hard work and strong sense of responsibility, which not only effectively solved the equipment problem, but also laid a solid foundation for the continuous and stable operation of the device. Guarantee the company's efficiency and provide protection for employees' happiness. (Heze Jade Emperor General Office)