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The Ministry of Personnel Management organized a meeting on the promotion of all staff fine management

In order to realize the high-quality development of the Jade Emperor Group, promote the high-end management of the Jade Emperor Group, and implement the work requirements of “rational functions, rational systems, responsibilities, reporting, planning, and assessment”, and the management of the group company at all levels In the middle of the project, we will carry out detailed management of all employees based on the implementation of management functions and the completion of management objectives. On October 14th, the Group issued the “Notice on Carrying out the Detailed Work Plan for the Management of All Staff and Reporting and Managing the Performance of Managers”. In order to smoothly carry out this work, on October 15, the Ministry of Personnel Management The organization held a meeting of all staff fine management promotion work, and the heads of the various departments of the group and the heads of the enterprise management personnel departments of each company (including the management personnel responsible for the management of the company) attended the meeting.


At the meeting, Duan Yanyan, deputy general manager of the Department of Personnel Management, explained the background and purpose of carrying out the fine management of all staff. Yan Guohong, deputy general manager, focused on the key points of the scope, basic requirements and basic procedures in the “Notice on Carrying out the Detailed Work Plan for Managers and Reporting the Performance Evaluation of Managers”. At the same time, the questions raised by each unit were answered one by one.


The convening of the special management meeting for all staff members laid the foundation for the future implementation of the work plan and summary of the management personnel and the implementation and implementation of the performance evaluation of the management personnel.