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New measures to reduce burdens and increase efficiency

Recently, the leadership of Dongming Yuhuang went deep into various business departments. After field inspections, it was found that the current daily workload of various professional and workshop employees is large and there are many tasks. In order to reasonably reduce the daily workload of employees, motivate new motivations for employees, seek new breakthroughs, and bring economic benefits to enterprises better, we plan to reduce the burden on everyone.


In order to actively respond to the company's leadership call, Xing Yandong, manager of the olefins department, and Wang Honglin, the safety manager, have made a serious work deployment, encouraging employees in various professions and workshops to actively contribute ideas and make rational proposals. The majority of cadres and employees actively participated in it and spent a day collecting and sorting out more than 40 rationalization proposals.


On the afternoon of October 23, the rationalization proposal collected and compiled was analyzed and discussed using the time of the “period of management of the team above the team”. Manager Xing stressed that everyone should treat this "burden reduction" work with a correct attitude and thoroughly analyze each and every suggestion. For various records, ledgers, statements, etc., the data that does not need to be meaningful in the repeated repetitiveness is seriously implemented, or cancelled, rectified, coordinated, or retained. After more than one hour of analysis and discussion, more than 10 rationalization proposals put forward by employees of various units were adopted, and a number of suggestions were retained for the next step of research and analysis.


This initiative not only mobilizes the enthusiasm of the cadres and employees, but also enhances the new motivation of the employees. It also allows employees to be burdened with light and loaded, which is more conducive to the effective development of the work. (Olefin Department, Ren Yuankai)