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Dongming Yuhuang held a device abnormality analysis meeting

On October 6th, the first day after the National Day, Dongming Jade Emperor Asset Management Office organized an internal equipment anomaly analysis meeting in time to conduct an in-depth analysis and discussion on the problem of the heat pump broken shaft of the rubber department. Company vice president of equipment Chai Xiutong, vice president of power Liu Jiming, deputy chief executive Zhu Jianmin, deputy chief engineer Zhang Yuanyuan attended the meeting and expressed important views, instructing maintenance personnel to control the assembly clearance between the impeller and the shaft, and chemically clean the impeller scale. Eliminate the problem of imbalance, and make measures such as balancing the impeller and the shaft after assembly, to ensure that the pump shaft is evenly stressed and avoid the occurrence of broken shaft. The meeting also reviewed the improvement of the technical performance of the butadiene rubber equipment. The leaders expressed that the time was tight. The docking work with the design institute must be completed as soon as possible, and the main links of the two-machine equipment and the post-processing line equipment should be seized, and the construction period should be reversed. Clear the time node, promote the technical improvement as soon as possible, and complete the goal of "struggling for three months and realizing net profit" as soon as possible. Figure / Text (Dongming Yuhuang Asset Management Office Shi Yachen)