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The president of the group went to Yuhuang Shengshi and Heze Yuhuang to inspect and deploy the safety production work during the National Day.

On September 30th, Wang Jinshan, President of the Group, and Chen Shuangxi, Vice President of the Group, went to Yuhuang Shengshi and Heze Jade Emperor to inspect and deploy safety production during the National Day. Song Guang, General Manager of Yuhuang Shengshi, Zhang Yandong, General Manager of Heze Yuhuang, Deputy of Production Technology Department General Manager Chen Fengling accompanied.


The inspection team went deep into each company's installation area, focusing on the inspection of the work of the group during the monthly meeting of the production and operation on September 28, and listened to the implementation report of the responsible persons of each unit. According to the implementation of each company, President Wang Jinshan further emphasized that this year is the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China. During the holidays, everyone's thoughts are easy to relax. It is a period of frequent safety incidents. Now governments at all levels in the provinces, counties and counties attach great importance to the safety work during the National Day. This will form a strong external inspection pressure. Companies must improve their political positions. They must not relax their vigilance. They must always tighten the string of safety production. They must arrange the duty staff reasonably, and at least half of the management personnel should go to work normally to ensure normal operation. The production and operation, to make up for the management gap between the "superior unit inspection strict, their own company management loose".


At the same time, we must also strengthen daily safety management, do a good job in the investigation and management of safety hazards during the holiday season; strengthen emergency management, and report to relevant departments and group companies in a timely and accurate manner in case of emergencies or emergencies, and actively and properly respond to emergencies. Disposal; always keep abreast of the safety production and logistics transportation policies formulated by the superior units, and rationally plan the inventory to ensure that the safety production situation continues to be stable during the holidays.