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Group President Wang Jinshan and his party went to Dongming Yuhuang again

On the morning of September 29th, the leader of the group, Wang Jinshan, and his party went to Dongming Yuhuang to conduct research. In the conference room on the third floor, the group president first listened to the general manager of Dongming Yuhuang Chen Zheng, deputy general manager Zhang Zhaohua, Tu Yuanwu, Liu Jiming, Zhu Jianmin, Li Hongtao, Chai Xiutong and deputy chief engineer Ren Gang and Zhang Yuanyuan for marketing, production, Report on the work of safety, equipment, logistics and other aspects. The leaders of the group gave on-the-spot guidance and support to the difficulties and problems in the work, which promoted the smooth progress of the work of Dongming Yuhuang.


The president of the group pointed out that this is the first dispatch meeting after the last time that Dongming Yuhuang proposed the goal of “struggling for three months and realizing net profit”. The purpose of the meeting is to work together to make a big improvement in the benefits of Dongming Jade Emperor and create better conditions for future enterprise development.


Through a month of work, in general, Dongming Yuhuang has achieved certain results, but there is still a big gap between the requirements of the group, we have a longer road, and there are more difficult roads to go, and More difficult things are waiting for us to solve.


At the meeting, President Wang focused on lean production and marketing management.

(Yang Haiyan compiled according to the recording)