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Yuhuang Shengshi is fully committed to repair production

On October 2nd, at the National Day holiday at 02:43, the Shengshi gas division No. 3 transformer low-voltage circuit breaker failed to trip. The duty officer immediately rushed to the scene to check the situation. After checking that the circuit breaker fault indicator light was on, he quit the circuit breaker inspection situation and found that the circuit breaker dynamic contact and the circuit breaker insulation board were seriously carbonized. The duty officer immediately reported the situation to the squad leader and the electrical professional duty management officer Wu Jiankun, and immediately launched emergency measures according to the situation on the spot.


02:49 points Wu Jiankun rushed to the scene, the transformer load of No. 3 has all been transferred to No. 4 transformer, and the rated current of No. 4 circuit breaker is 3200A. At that time, the current of No. 4 circuit breaker has reached 3200A, and the No. 4 transformer low voltage circuit breaker is immediately available according to the site conditions. Fan cooling measures are taken to prevent the circuit breaker from overheating and tripping. After checking and repairing the fault circuit breaker, it was found that the low-voltage circuit breaker of the storage and transportation department was replaced with an emergency backup after the repair was impossible. After replacement, it was found that the power transmission requirement could not be met, and the circuit breaker frame and the static contact needed to be replaced. 06:30 Wu Jiankun reported the situation to the manager of the Asset Management Department, Ke Yuhe. Manager Ke immediately contacted the power distribution cabinet technicians according to the situation and applied for the support of external technical personnel to let the maintenance personnel come to help repair as soon as possible. If the maintenance and replacement of the No. 3 circuit breaker needs to stop the gas, water, boiler, air compressor station, fire pump room, low-voltage power supply in the living area, the scope of influence is wide.


Around 7:30, the company's duty leaders will arrive at the electrical professional distribution room to check the situation and discuss the countermeasures. The temperature of the No. 4 circuit breaker continues to rise, and the maximum has reached 83 degrees. If the temperature of the No. 4 circuit breaker continues to rise, there will be a risk of tripping. The desalted salt water will cause the whole plant to be forced to stop working. The situation is very critical and needs to be taken in a timely manner. Song Guang, the general manager of the company, immediately reported to Mr. Wang, the president of the group, and Mr. Chen, the vice president. In order not to further worsen the situation and minimize the risk, the relevant equipment can run smoothly and agree to reverse load the low voltage load of No. 4 transformer. Power outages for some non-critical loads. Reduce the load on transformer No. 4 as soon as possible.


According to the agreed measures, the soldiers are divided into three roads. The general dispatcher dispatches the dispatcher to the distribution room to direct the process of pumping the pump, and the general manager Hu and the manager of the road guide the process adjustment. All the way Huang Zonghe and Ke Manager commanded the electrical professional to organize the removal and connection of the cable according to the on-site distribution cabinet circuit.


Through everyone's efforts to remove salt water, marketing department, living area line received the No. 1 transformer distribution circuit, other power supply received the No. 2 transformer distribution circuit, the No. 4 transformer load continued to drop, the current has reached 2100A or so can safely run, open circuit The temperature of the device also begins to decrease, ensuring the safety of the desalinated water supply and ensuring the safety of the power supply to the gas separation device.


The power distribution circuit of Circuit Breaker No. 3 of around 16:25 has all met the power outage requirements, and then the power outage operation is carried out. After the safety measures are taken, the maintenance personnel of the power distribution cabinet manufacturer will start the repair work. Through the full cooperation of the production equipment, the correct command of the dispatch, The electrical management department of the Asset Management Department was fully repaired. The No. 3 circuit breaker was repaired at 2:05 am on October 3, and the normal power supply was restored.


From the failure of the circuit breaker to the troubleshooting, through the careful organization and arrangement of the leaders of Shengshi Chemical, the electrical professional staff spared full repairs, and the power supply of a single line for 12 hours did not affect the installation.