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Flattened, padded, compacted, we are meticulous

In the filling operation of the tower packing, it is the most basic requirement to level, stabilize and compact the packing, and it is also a crucial step for the equipment to play its role in the future. On September 29, the temperature reached 32 degrees Celsius. After a morning of sorbent loading work, at 13:50 in the afternoon, the workers of the olefins department wore labor protection products and drilled into the tower to carry out restricted space operations. I saw two workers, half-squatting, head down, busy with the work in their hands. Flatten the adsorbent and the porcelain ball, flatten the filter screen, fix the iron plate, and compact the bolt. This whole set of actions is done in one go, without any muddy water. The laying work for each floor takes about one hour. After coming out, we see that our workers are all soaked in the back of the clothes, and the admiration is born.


When they finish their work, they reveal the most lovely faces, which are practical, joyful, dedication, and loyal. Our workers are meticulous in their work, face the difficulties and go forward, and be a real Jade Emperor. They will pave the way, stabilize and compact, and play our respective roles in the future work. (Olefin Department, Ren Yuankai)