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Shengrong Chemical Party Branch held a meeting of all party members of the branch

On the morning of September 26, Shengrong Chemical Party Branch held a meeting of all party members of the branch in the conference room on the first floor of the comprehensive building. The meeting was presided over by the Party Secretary Yang Dewei. At the meeting, Yang Shuji first conveyed to all party members the spirit of the party committee's enlarged meeting of the party committee held on September 20. I hope that all party members will conscientiously study and understand, strictly follow the implementation and implementation of the work. Then, the party members of the meeting jointly studied the implementation plan of the "Educational Activities of the "Don't Forget the Heart, Remember the Mission" theme issued by the Party Committee of the Communist Party of China. Comrade Jiang Huaicin, the member of the branch organization, first talked about the spirit of the group meeting and the company and the actual work of the team. Other comrades also expressed their opinions or opinions. Everyone unanimously stated that they will strictly follow the arrangements for the deployment of the party committees of the group and carefully carry out the theme education activities in a solid manner.


Yang Shuji pointed out that the theme education of "not forgetting the original heart and remembering the mission" in the whole party is a major deployment made by the party's 19th National Congress and a deepening and extension of the previous theme education. According to the decision-making arrangements of the Party Central Committee and the specific requirements of the Party Committee, the Municipal Party Committee and the County Party Committee, the Group Party Committee has a strong pertinence and operability in the "Education Plan for the Theme of "Do Not Forget the Heart, Remember the Mission"). All party members should actively participate in the theme education with a high sense of political responsibility and historical mission, and strictly follow the arrangement of the party committee of the group and the arrangement of time nodes, and strive to do a good job in their own learning and participate in various activities. It is necessary to fully recognize the great significance of carrying out the theme education, and regard the development of the theme education as the top priority and the primary political task of the current and future period, focusing on the improvement of its own quality, the transformation of work style, the transformation of enterprises, and the effectiveness of production and operation. Advice and suggestions for the development of the company.


According to the requirements of the party committee of the group, at the meeting, combined with the actual work of the branch members and the opinions of all party members, all the party members of the party branch were divided into three party groups: logistics, production, power storage and transportation, which were unanimously elected by Yang Dewei. Three comrades, Jiang Huaichen and Jiang Yongkui, served as the team leaders of the three party groups. All the party members also discussed their opinions and opinions on how to further improve their enthusiasm for learning, ensure the effectiveness of learning, how to innovate the carrier of activities, and enrich the activities within the party. Everyone agreed that the next step will be to enhance the enthusiasm and initiative of learning, and be open-minded. Accept the supervision and education of the branch, enthusiastically participate in the activities carried out by the branch, truly guarantee the quality of learning and the effect of the activities, and ensure that they are educated, knowledgeable, enlightened and strong in learning and activities.