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Dongming Yuhuang struggled for three months to achieve net profit

Dongming Yuhuang closely focused on the goal of “struggling for three months and realizing net profit” proposed by the group president, actively took action, played the role of public opinion and mouthpiece, and made full use of banners, bulletin boards, blackboard newspapers, WeChat groups and other propaganda forms. Vigorously create a publicity atmosphere. Full participation, inspiration and enthusiasm, fully mobilize the enthusiasm and subjective initiative of the majority of cadres and employees.


General Manager Chen Zheng asked everyone to stand on the ground and down-to-earth, and constantly carry forward the hard work spirit of the older generation of Jade Emperors in the early days of entrepreneurship. I want to go to one place, to go to one place, to unite, to be dedicated and dedicated, to perform their duties, to shoulder their responsibilities, and to move forward. Firmly establish a high sense of responsibility and mission, take the thriving development of the company as its own responsibility, take the company's goal as the core, lean production, innovation and efficiency, multi-pronged measures, energy-saving and efficiency, and thus maximize the efficiency of production equipment. (Reporting by Yang Haiyan)